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This edition of ‘From the Court Corridor’ curates the notable pronouncements of the High Court Division (HCD) of the Supreme Court (SC) of Bangladesh in February 2021. Ordering the removal of all online uploads of the documentary by Al Jazeera titled ‘All the Prime Minister’s Men’ After the Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera aired the […]
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Nowadays, a highly pertinent issue regarding the definition of rape is frequently being discussed. From a general viewpoint, a man who has sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent is said to commit rape. However, a consensual sex shall also be regarded as rape if the consent given by the woman is obtained by […]
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এডমুন্ড বার্ক (1730-1797) ও জ্যঁ জাক রুশোর (1712-1778) লেখায় self-determination ধারণাটির বীজ লুকায়িত থাকলেও উড্রো উইলসনকে (1856-1924) এর জনক বলা হয়। কিন্তু উইলসন ধারণাটির আন্তর্জাতিকীকরণ করলেও এর তাত্ত্বিক বিকাশ ঘটেছে ভ্লাদিমির ইলিচ লেনিনের (1870-1924)  ১৯০৩ সাল থেকে ১৯১৭ সালের মধ্যকার লেখালেখিতে। Rita Augestad Knudsen তাঁর অপ্রকাশিত পিএইচডি থিসিসে (২০১৩) লেনিনের ধারণাকে র‌্যাডিক্যাল আর উইলসনের ধারণাকে […]
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11-year-old Aduri, a domestic worker, was rescued in 2013 by a police inspector from a dustbin in the cantonment area in a half-conscious state with signs of torture and severe injuries throughout her body. Earlier this year a 12-year-old domestic worker named Purnima was set on fire by her employer in the city of Rangpur […]

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