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Globally respected and acclaimed Nobel laureate, Amartya Sen wrote on justice issues in his remarkable theoretical classic The Idea of Justice (Harvard University Press, 2009) and this work is now widely acknowledged to have had an immense significance in the development of contemporary jurisprudence. By taking considerable help from Indian philosophical ideas, this venerable professor […]
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Being one of the fundamental normative standards, the idea of human rights has been strengthening human civilization, years after years, to secure a dignified life for each individual irrespective of any difference or distinction in the society. The protection and promotion of human rights is now an immensely significant issue of concern to international community. […]
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The book under review is a recent contribution to the marine environmental law and policy by a young scholar of Bangladeshi origin, who is currently teaching at Queensland University of Technology Law School, Australia. Today, we live in an increasingly risky world in which sources of threat to our lives and livelihood reside not only […]

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