A good resume is like scoring first in a soccer match. It might not confirm that you get the job you so eagerly want, but it will definitely increase your chances to a great extent. Usually, companies and law chambers receive a huge number of applications from law students who are all trying to bag the lucrative jobs. It is almost impossible for them to hire everybody or even invite every applicant for an interview. So, they initially do a very rigorous filtering process based on resumes, cover letters, etc., and only invite the most promising applicants. It is not an exaggeration to say that having a decent resume is the first official step toward getting your preferred job.

There is no hard-and-fast rule that you must follow to make a good resume. Certain things, however, should be kept in mind while making your resume as a law student to increase your chance of getting a call:

Keep the Resume Short

A lot of us have this common misconception that adding every single thing you have done in life to your resume makes you look more experienced or skilled. But that could not be further from the truth. In reality, the selection committee will be annoyed to see the skill-sets or experiences mentioned in the resume which have nothing to do with the job. Your employers will mostly appreciate your biggest and most relevant achievements or experiences. Ideally, a good resume is supposed to be on or two pages long. Remember, a short and well-organized resume makes a good and lasting impression on the selection committee. 

Use a Unique Template

A good portion of making a good resume has to do with the presentation. There are many creative and professional templates available for free on different websites. Using a proper template for the resume makes it more appealing to employers. 

Modify the Resume According to the Job Requirements

Different jobs require different skill-sets or experiences that are more relevant to them. For instance, how well you write would be the most important requirement for the post of a writer at any publication. Alternatively, previous experiences in research are more closely connected to the post of a researcher. Thus, before applying for any post, it is ideal to do enough study to be acquainted with the job description and skill-sets that will be required.

Expose Extracurricular Activities

Exposure to extracurricular activities (ECA) not only expands your horizon in terms of new experiences and learning new things, but also makes your resume robust. Highlighting your experiences with ECAs is a good way of convincing the interview committee that you indeed possess the passion and dedication you claim. Published write-ups, experiences in debating or moot court competitions, experiences in researching, etc. are all good experiences for law students that are appreciated by employers.

Only knowing the technical know-how in the legal profession is not enough. It is also important to convince your employers that you have adaptability, multi-tasking ability, efficiency, team coordination, etc. skills. Employers look for these skills in almost all jobs. So, mention experiences that reflect your soft skills as well.

Have a Decent CGPA

The recent trend in most companies and chambers is that they do not overemphasize CGPA while hiring for legal positions. That is, however, not to suggest that having a decent CGPA does not help. A good CGPA definitely creates a good first impression. However, the focus should be on garnering enough experience and nourishing the required research and drafting skills alongside maintaining a good academic result.

Update Your Resume Regularly

Last but not the least, updating your resume regularly is important. Employers would prefer your recent achievements and experiences over things you have done long ago. Certainly, finding clubs at your (high) school or winning different competitions in (high) school are noteworthy achievements and something you should be proud of. However, similar achievements or experiences in your recent years would be much more appreciated by your employers as they speak of your recent qualifications. So, it is important to keep on gaining new experiences and updating your skills to keep up with the current trend of the job market.

All in all, it is important to keep in mind that you are not going to get your perfect resume overnight. You need to go through a rigorous trial and error method before you reach there. In your personal journey of finally getting your dream job, these tips for making a good resume will hopefully come in handy.

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