Year: 2021

  1. Restorative Justice
Traditional criminal justice system observes crime as a violation of law and the central focus of this system is to punish offenders. However, certain crimes are not only against the law, but also against individuals and interpersonal relationships, and in order to handle such crimes, social, psychological, and relational injuries must be recognized alongside material […]
  1. Law of Nationality
The United Nations Human Rights Committee (Committee)  in Zhao v the Netherlands ruled that Netherlands violated a child’s right to nationality by not acknowledging Denny Zhao, a child born in the Netherlands but registered with an unknown nationality in the Dutch Civil registry of Utrecht. The registry not only denied him the Dutch nationality but […]
  1. International Trade Law
The world’s largest Free Trade agreement that includes nearly 30% of the world’s population and GDP was signed on 15 November 2020. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) includes ten ASEAN Countries, Australia, China, and New Zealand. The new regulatory system will take effect in 2022, with tariffs returning to 2014 rates. This agreement was […]

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