About DHLR

Established in 2013 Dhaka Law Review is the first of its kind law journal in Bangladesh edited and managed independently by a cohort of Dhaka University law students. It aims to serve two purposes – to contribute to the legal scholarship and to train law students by providing writing, editing, and administrative exposure.

The Law Review holds public lectures to present cutting-edge research on topical issues before the widest possible audience to provoke discussions and debate. It also manages a blog with contributions from academicians, practitioners as well as law students from both home and abroad.

Editors Panel of 2023–24


Arman Hossain (LLB Class of 2023)

Managing Editor

Rezwana Rashid (LLB Class of 2024)

Senior Editors

Omar Faruque (LLB Class of 2023)

Tanha Tanzia (LLB Class of 2024)


Tasmim Jahan Neeha (LLB Class of 2024)

Nazia Zarin Orna (LLB Class of 2024)

Rafid Azad Saumik (LLB Class of 2024)

Sadika Nousheen (LLB Class of 2023)

Nishat Tasnim Hridi (LLB Class of 2024)

Md Fiaz Rabbani (LLB Class of 2024)

Associate Editors

           Tasnim Nazia (LLB Class of 2022)

Meherin Sultana Mim (LLB Class of 2024)

              Julian Rafah (LLB Class of 2024)

       S M Mahbubullah (LLB Class of 2024)

Junior Editors

        Mohammad Foysal (LLB Class of 2024)

Muhammad Khalid Khan (LLB Class of 2025)

Bibswan Deb Biswas Nir (LLB Class of 2025)

     Rafid Hasan Safwan (LLB Class of 2025)


Mosammat Jannatul Ferdouse (LLB Class of 2024)