A. Submitting Manuscript

Submissions should be in Microsoft Word and mailed to the Submissions Committee at submissions@dhakalawreview.org. The Copyright Declaration Form should be filled up and submitted together with the manuscript.

  B. Anonymity

Manuscripts should not contain the name or any other information revealing the identity of the author. Such information may disadvantage a submission or even preclude its publication. The Copyright Declaration Form is the only document which should contain personal information.

  C. Authenticity, Citations and Texts

Submissions must necessarily be original and previously unpublished. The Manuscript Selection Committee is entrusted with the responsibility to verify the authenticity of all submissions. Citations must conform to the latest edition of the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). The Dhaka Law Review Style Guide should be consulted with for all concerns relating to the textual style of submissions. All submissions failing to meet DHLR’s standard of authenticity will be recused from consideration.


All correspondences with authors are made through email. Authors are advised against making requests for notifications of the current status of their manuscripts. As a matter of policy, the rationales for DHLR’s decisions relating to publications are not disclosed.

 E.Expedite/Withdraw Requests

Authors requesting DHLR to expedite or withdraw their manuscripts from consideration should send an email to submissions@dhakalawreview.org to that effect. It is against DHLR’s policy to skip any stage of review, but the Submissions Committee makes the sincerest efforts for expediting the entire review process in response to such requests. Requests for withdrawals must be made within 15 days of submission.



 A. Articles
Articles should focus on a specific and relevant area of social and legal theory while demonstrating how social issues interact with the practice, creation and administration of law. Authors should devote substantial space to place the Article within existing research and to frame their arguments as a comprehensive analysis of a given subject.

Eligibility to submit: Scholars and practitioners are encouraged to submit Articles. Co-authorship is permissible.

Length: Articles should be in the range of 5,000 to 8,000 words, including footnotes. If an Article exceeds the specified word limit, the author must contact the Submissions Committee prior to submission.

 B. Notes and Comments

A Note is a student-authored piece of academic scholarship which addresses a specific issue of law in detail. In contrast, a Comment is a shorter piece by students which specially analyses or critiques a precedent, legislation, executive order, law journal or article.

Eligibility to Submit: The option to submit Notes and Comments is only open to current LLB and LLM students. Co-authorship is permissible.

Length: The maximum lengths suggested for Notes and Comments are 2500 and 1500 words including footnotes respectively.

 C. Reviews 

Reviews are thoughtful commentaries and evaluation of recently published books and other materials dealing with theory or practice of law. Reviews will generally contain the author’s qualification and prior work, a description of the aim of the book or material with its proposed audience, a discussion of its strengths and weaknesses and an evaluation of the impact of the work in the field of law.

Eligibility to Submit: Scholars and practitioners may submit Reviews of books and legal researches.

Length: Submissions should not exceed 2,000 words, including footnotes.



For any questions regarding submissions, please contact the Submissions Committee at submissions@dhakalawreview.org. It should be noted that the volume of submissions generally limits DHLR’s ability to respond to all individual requests, including requests for expedition and withdrawal of submissions.

Feel free to contact the Managing Editor for any queries other than those relating to submissions at editor@dhakalawreview.org


To find a PDF version of ‘Submission Policy’, please click here.