Dhaka Law Review is inviting submissions for its inaugural volume to be published in early 2017. Scholars, practitioners and students are requested to submit the manuscripts by 07 December 2016  along with an abstract not exceeding 300 words. Detailed information as to the eligibility, suitability and length of the submissions along with the general instructions for the convenience of the authors can be found in the Dhaka Law Review Submission Policy. Authors are also requested to consult the Dhaka Law Review Style Guide for main textual body, Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) for citations and Copyright Declaration Form as referred to in the Policy.

Dhaka Law Review is an annual publication of legal scholarship which explores and examines the scope of law in both theory and practice. The first student-edited independent law journal of Bangladesh, Dhaka Law Review hopes to play a part in promoting legal scholarship in the country and make its mark in the world of legal literature.  This is an opportunity for you to be published in its very first volume. Only submissions of the highest quality and relevance shall be accepted and the earlier submissions answering to this description shall have precedence.


To find a PDF version of ‘Call for Papers’, please click here .


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